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Admiral Doenitz  Press Photo

Admiral Doenitz Press Photo

This is a wartime, British Press Agency photo, of Admiral Doenitz, which was taken, at the end of the war. The photo is showing it's age, with a small rip, on the top. It has lost it's original, paper press caption and a previous collector has added a stamp, to the reverse. These faults, aside, the photo remains an impressive, wartime portrait and is priced accordingly.  read more

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U Boat  Press  Photo

U Boat Press Photo

This is a May 23th 1945 dated, London, Press Agency photo. It shows U776, sailing past The Houses of Parliament. The photo does have some damage to it's sides, as shown and it has been stamped on a reverse, by a previous collector. These faults aside, it still remains an impressive photo.  read more

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French  Magazines  Pair

French Magazines Pair

This pair of French magazines, both surfaced together. Both are 1937 dated and are small format size, as shown. The title translated on the front, reads as 'Let's be ready'.
Written by major , French public figures, both magazines warned about the threat of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Both magazines are printed in French and have no illustrations. They are both in good condit...  read more

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Army Braces

Army Braces

These are a pair of 1964 dated, Army, elasticated braces. Apart from a modern, felt number on the underside, they are in very good condition.  read more

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Civil Defence Telephonist Respirator Adaptor Set

Civil Defence Telephonist Respirator Adaptor Set

This is a wartime period, telephonist adaptor headphone set. It allowed telephone operators to have their service respirators, plugged into their headsets. The set isn't date, but is numbered 'Number 6'. The respirator is 1937/38 dated and is in poor condition, at the back.
The headphone set is detachable and is in very good condition.  read more

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23rd  Middlesex Battalion Home Guard Photo

23rd Middlesex Battalion Home Guard Photo

This is a good, wartime example. The photo shows members of the 23rd Middlesex, Home Guard Battalion, who covered the Edgware area in West London.
The photo is a good size and is unit annotated, as shown.  read more

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Sheffield  Home Guard  Photo

Sheffield Home Guard Photo

This is a modern COPY, of a wartime photo of members of the 66th Battalion, Home Guard. The photo is a good size as shown.  read more

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The  German Army of Today

The German Army of Today

This is a 1943 dated, softback publication.The book gives quite a remarkable, overview of the German Army. The degree of intelligence gathered, by this stage of the war is clearly evident in the book. It is well illustrated with photos. It has a detailed section, describing SS divisions and SS insignia. The book was , most surprisingly, awarded to a college student, as a prize. In addition,...  read more

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The  German Army of Today

The German Army of Today

These are additional photos, of the same book.  read more

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AFS   Vet's  Leather Jerkin

AFS Vet's Leather Jerkin

This leather jerkin is wartime issue. It came directly from the vet's family. The vet served early in the war in the AFS. He was issued this leather jerkin for fire duties. It has lost it's wartime label, but it is clearly stamped, on the inside, as AFS 1.
The vet added a modification to the back of the neck. It is fitted with buttons, which I assume was for a hood, to protect the ...  read more

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