Welcome to JZ Militaria

My site concentrates mainly on WW2 militaria, particularly British and German items, but you will find a wide variety of militaria from all nations interspersed with the occasional piece from WW1.


British Helmets and Home Front are my speciality but I also offer a good selection of Uniforms, Webbing etc..


As somebody who has been collecting and selling militaria for over 30 years, finding items of good quality and interest are important to me.


I take customer satisfaction very seriously and you can rest assured that I research all new items diligently.


My honesty and integrity come foremost when I am dealing with my customers. All items are 100% original and come with a money back guarantee.


I am always eager to buy new items, so please feel free to contact me if you have anything of interest, or come and see me at any of the leading militaria fairs. I look forward to hearing from you.


Please note that I handle items purely out of historical interest. I have no connection with, and do not support, any political organisations.

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